Believe in yourself

This post is to motivate the women that I really have a passion for. I’m referring to the women that are so hard on themselves and keep postponing their “makeovers”.  Those that find it impossible to see their own beauty because they are so focus on becoming this “new better version of themselves.” Listen to me very carefully, yes you gorgeous girl!  You do NOT have to be a certain size to feel confident.  Dress for the body you have now!  I want you to believe in yourself.  Believe deep in your heart that if you don’t make the changes now you won’t make them when you reach that “goal weight”- whatever it might be!  Don’t wait for that job promotion, job interview or even that date you think you might be going to, do it now!  You need to focus more on who you are today and believe in yourself wherever you are in your journey.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you are a size 2 or a size 16! And  I don’t care if you shop at Target or at Neiman Marcus- make it work and make the effort to do something nice for yourself.

Whenever you start feeling more confident you’ll be motivated to make the changes you need- whether it’s for health reasons or just for a “feel good”moment.  The changes should happen because you see there’s room for improvement not because you are comparing yourself to others.  

Take the necessary measures to make yourself feel beautiful and stay healthy.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed and we only have today to really make the changes that will take us to the next level.

Hope this helps.  



Dress: Mine is here , here if you are curvy and here if you are a petite.

Shoes: here, here and here.

Clutch: Mine is here, here, here ( worth every penny) and here.

Do you boo!

I don’t think we realize as women how much we do in order to always appear to have our lives together.  We are caught up in making sure people think we are great mothers, amazing wives, hard workers, etc.. The truth is none of that matters if deep inside that’s not how we really feel.  It’s so easy to get caught up in getting the compliments when we know sometimes that it’s really not our ‘real life”.  I think that if more women were transparent with each other we could accomplish so much more.  At the end of the day we are all just trying to do the right thing for our family, be the best  at our job (working mom or stay home mom) and be fulfilled. 

The danger with worrying about what people think about us is the constant pressure to be someone we are not.   It’s ok not to have it all together, it’s ok that you forgot to do your kids homework or that you gained or lost some weight- you don’t owe an explanation to anyone!  Always make sure that you are really doing things for you and not for others’ opinion of you.  It’s a difficult exercise that needs to be practice everyday but it is do-able if we stay focus on what really matters- our opinion of our true self.  So ladies keep you head up and like I said “do you boo!”



PS Here are two quick last minute options for Valentine’s gifting for all of my “I almost forgot Valentine’s Day” people:

1. A subscription at one of my new favorite Fabfitfun -it’s a monthly subscription for cosmetics and fun fashion accessories comes in a e-gift card takes 5 min, apply code TENOFF or FIRSTBOX for a $10 discount ( your total is 39.99 and they receive $200 worth of stuff) you can’t beat it!

2.  Another great subscription is JustFab where you can sign up for $39.95 to receive shoes and clothes on a monthly basis at 30% off. I don’t always buy designer stuff and I think they have a great price point for the looks-edgy and fun.

Dress DVF available at Tuni in Winter Parl for my local gals. You can also buy it here.

Boots Pour La Victoire available at Tuni in Winter Park for my local gals! But you can shop similar here. If you want a more feminine touch wear these.

Mini stripes bag Botkier AMAZING price point!

Sunnies are under $20 here. But if want to invest in a designer pair here.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas

V-Day is getting super close so I figure I share some ideas for gifting. I have more choices for girls ( obviously because women need options! LOL ) so believe me when I say #IGotYou. 

Fortunately most stores like Nordstrom are still offering 2 day shipping for Valentine’s Day delivery. So hurry and shop your heart out!

For Her

1. Jewelry because it lasts a lifetime! I personally love David Yurman pieces. I’ve never regretted purchasing a David Yurman piece of jewelry - they are timeless. I usually get them online or the Yurman store. The great thing is your Yurman local boutique will clean or fix any authentic yurman piece of jewelry you bring in. If you are not ready to pay full price try a site like The RealReal they have plenty of pre-owned pieces at very affordable prices here.

2. A pair of Louboutin aka red bottoms for that special woman is always a good move fellas! Invest in a nude pair or black pair for a classic look.  Remember to buy the “Pigalle Follies” style it’s the most comfortable of them all. ” So Kate” could be a death sentence for her feet- so hard to walk in. Pigalle are about 4 inch and very easy to walk in.

3. My ultimate favorite fraguance Love in White is one of the most delicious scent ever. Creed has been around since 1760 is one the world’s only family-owned luxury that has served royal houses for over 250 years. Give it a try!  There’s also Tornade Blonde which I’ve been wearing for the past 3 months or so.

4. Sexy pajamas for V-Day and any other day. Natori has some of the sofest cotton you will ever feel plus they last forever even after several washes. If you prefer lingerie these Natori, here are my favorite because their bras fit really well. You still get the support and style at the same time unlike most brands who mainly focus on “looks” the truth is we need both support and style in “real life” especially after a couple of kids or weight loss/gain. 

5. If you are in the market for a designer bag I think this Louboutin one is terrific! It’s new, it’s fresh and kind of rare at the moment.  If she’s more of a working girl on the go opt for these Longchamp bags they are such an easy and chic buy!  They are the ultimate Parisian girl “it bag”. There are several colors to choose from and you can even add a cosmetic case to complete the purchase.

6. All time favorite Cali girl sneakers the Nike Cortez are so comfortable and stylish. You can pair them with anything, I mean everything- Serena Williams wore them on her wedding day. For the uber stylish girl there’s also the Fendi sneakers i’m currently coveting, check them out here.

For Him

1. Tom Ford Oud Deodorant stick is the best thing that ever happened to men’s cosmetics!  If you are not ready to spend $230 for the perfume start with the stick- worth every penny and guaranteed to stay on all day with a smell that’s out of this world. Shop it here .

2. If he likes candles my favorite is Dyptique-of course! Shop it here you won’t regret it because you can both use it.

3. Summer is just around the corner and you know he’s going to need a new pair of sunglasses. Get the Ray-Ban they are the ultimate classic and look great on everybody. These in particular are the sexiest and most stylish sunglasses I’ve seen for guys- trust me. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a white shirt- you got yourself a stud! My hubby owns both colors.

4. If you are into strong manly scents then you’ll love him wearing Dior Sauvage. It’s one of the most masculine, elegant and pleasant scent I’ve smelled in the market. You should give it a try here. I absolutely love it.

5. Loafers are so nice and stylish for guys! Be the one to introduce him to a nice pair he can enjoy at work or on days off.  I’ve tested several pairs on my male clients and Cole Haan seems to be an all-time favorite for most of them. The navy ones are on sale, grab a pair.

6.Get him a designer belt already! One that he can use for both pants and jeans that will work with black or brown because it’s reversible- easy pizzy. I love this Ferragamo one he can wear it for years to come. It can upgrade a suit you thinking about tossing or it can add such a polished look to jeans.

And ladies please make sure you are forwarding this email to your significant other that way you can get the gift you really want (wink,wink).

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!



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