Size doesn’t define you.

As we are getting close to Spring and Summer I know that most women are going to be shopping for new clothes.  I find that some women are hard on themselves when it comes to sizing as if it defines them somehow.  The truth is it does not.  You can easily be a size 8 in a particular brand and wear a 10 somewhere else. The only thing that should really matter is how the clothes fit.

I want to share a few advices that I think will help you during your shopping adventures.  For example with jeans be sure to try different sizes and different styles. Chances are you will try several ones and only a few will work.  I would try at least two to three different sizes. With skirts and dresses try to go up in size to leave room for your hips and have the waist taken in. Always make sure the sleeves on jackets or shirts are not too long and that the waist is defined. if you are trying to close that jacket or that shirt and the gap in between the buttons is opening-switch to the next size.

It’s better to size up and get alterations versus wearing super tight clothes to prove to yourself that you are the same size you were 10 years ago, stop already. No one cares, do you!  

I also realize some women wear things too loose. Maybe you have lost weight or you are wearing the wrong size. Try to size down next time and see how it looks. You won’t know until you give it a try. 

Don’t get “caught up” on what size you wear focus on a great fit and look.  Your clothes should not be too tight or too loose because you are so hung up on sizing.  Always pick at least two to three different sizes when you are trying things on.  Pick the items that fits you the best and alter the ones that are very close to a perfect fit with or without the help of a little alteration.

Remember ill fitting clothes will always look cheap regardless of how expensive they are. Alterations can really create a look that feels more custom made and elevated.  

 So size up/down and get over yourself ! I promise it’s not that serious, size is just a number.



PS  You can always reach out if you need help with shopping or styling-

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